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Anger Management

Anger Management

Sometimes we respond to work or relational stressors in unhealthy ways. With anger management, you can pinpoint those stressors and learn how to react more positively. If you think you might benefit from anger management, contact the mental health experts at Thriving Center of Psychology in New York, NY, SoHo, NY, Los Angeles, and Miami. You can set a virtual or in-person appointment by visiting the website or calling the office directly.

Anger Management Q & A

Why do I need anger management?

People who have trouble managing their anger often experience stressors that trigger a response. Anger management helps you identify and anticipate these triggers so that you can prevent your feelings of anger from becoming controllable. You may be a good candidate for anger management if you:

  • Preoccupy yourself with negative thoughts or hurtful memories
  • Often feel like you’re about to lose your temper
  • Usually feel irritable or impatient
  • Have to work hard to contain your anger
  • Intimidate or threaten others
  • Have a history of physical violence against property or people

Anger management can be challenging without proper mental health care. Some people independently choose to get anger management, while others do so because of a court order. Many anger management clients with a domestic violence or assault conviction need to receive treatment.

What happens during anger management?

The licensed professionals at Thriving Center of Psychology will help you develop a personalized anger management plan based on your history and unique circumstances. Treatment will likely take time and require more than just one or two sessions. This is so that your provider can help you uncover your triggers and other challenges. 

Anger management sessions take place individually or involve couple or group sessions. During an appointment, your mental health provider might work with you on one or more of the following activities:

  • Learning problem-solving skills
  • Identifying common stressors and triggers
  • Learning better ways to communicate your feelings
  • Acquiring productive coping skills
  • Trying relaxation approaches like meditation or deep breathing
  • Learning strategies to resolve conflict and calm angry feelings

How long do I need anger management?

Mastering your anger doesn’t happen overnight. It’ll take time to work through the activities and homework to ensure success and long-term results. At first, you might need weekly appointments for several months. Eventually, your provider may be able to scale back on the number of sessions, depending on your progress.

You don’t have to let your anger control your life. Schedule your anger management assessment at Thriving Center of Psychology today. You can call the office and speak with one of our supportive staff members or book a session through the website. You can choose an onsite appointment or schedule an online TeleTherapy session.

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